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Taylor Brock Commercial Voiceover Demo

I’m doing voiceover work and absolutely loving it! I love the freedom to create from my own little home studio and with voiceover there are so many opportunities to create. Check out my new commercial voiceover demo!

Success. Do you want it too?

Persevere:  Continue in a course of action even in face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.  Huh. As I sit here with my delicious (Dunkin’ Donuts) cup of coffee and write this, the word… Read More

NEXT, the WebSeries is Going Gangbusters!

NEXT, the WebSeries is streaming online and so far, we’ve received over 2600 fabulous ‘hits’ on YouTube with fabulous feedback! We are now submitting to film festivals! We are starting an online campaign to raise more awareness of… Read More


Generous: showing a readiness to give more of something than expected, to be kind. Well, I am blown away by people’s generosity regarding my kickstarter campaign for my webseries NEXT.  Truly, I’m so appreciative of the people… Read More


I am right in the middle of my Kickstarter campaign for our webseries, NEXT and it’s bringing up an uncomfortable feeling- a hurdle I have to overcome.  It’s a ton of fun working on this project for many… Read More