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Taylor BrockGenerous: showing a readiness to give more of something than expected, to be kind. Well, I am blown away by people’s generosity regarding my kickstarter campaign for my webseries NEXT.  Truly, I’m so appreciative of the people that have donated their hard earned cash or their much needed free time to help me achieve a goal.  There have been many…close and not so close friends who have contributed.

And yet, UGH, I find myself saddened by those I thought for sure would help, but haven’t.  I feel so selfish and embarrassed feeling AND writing this.  The very definition of generous is giving more than expected. What right do I have to expect more from people? I believe, when one places expectations on others, it’s a sure way to be let down because these expectations are personal and subjective. Not everyone ‘works’ under the same assumptions.

One woman, with whom I’m not that friendly donated a large sum and when I thanked her she said, “friends help friends”.  Wow!  People are amazing!  I’m always surprised by the kindness people possess.  Often people give when they have little to give, but just want to help.  I will remember this when I get the proverbial stick up my “#$%^@&”.

pileofdevices-3Where does this leave me?  It leaves me very grateful to those that have contributed and humbled…others have important stuff happening in their lives also and everyone does what they can.

THANK YOU to everyone that has donated so far.  You are greatly appreciated.

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