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Success. Do you want it too?

Persevere Continue in a course of action even in face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.  Huh.

As I sit here with my delicious (Dunkin’ Donuts) cup of coffee and write this, the word PERSEVERANCE comes to mind.  I am all about sticking to “it”.  My motto: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. 

I’ve chosen to pursue a professional path that actually personifies perseverance…acting.  There are mountains to climb, hoops to jump through, and  tons of rejection, but I love it, so I keep going.  I have to say, one must love it to endure even in the “face of difficulty”.  For me, that’s acceptable.  Then I read the second half of the definition… “with little or no prospect of success.” Huh, again!


I have to believe I will succeed in order to continue.  That leads to what is success?  Oye.  Success:  The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.  This is definitely subjective.  My professional aim is  to keep acting in some form.  It morphs as the years progress.  Now I’m creating acting work for myself, but I would like to get more acting jobs with major TV shows and films.  I would like to be acknowledged for my acting ability.  Putting it out there Universe.  I will persevere.

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