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_DSC0039I am right in the middle of my Kickstarter campaign for our webseries, NEXT and it’s bringing up an uncomfortable feeling- a hurdle I have to overcome.  It’s a ton of fun working on this project for many reasons: I’m doing what I love: acting, I’m working with really talented people, I’m learning a lot, and last, but not least, I’m representing women with power and talent in the entertainment and tech arena, both of which are underrepresented by women.  All really good reasons!

Why then is it so difficult for me to ask people to help us reach our goal by donating $$ and/or time to our Kickstarter campaign?  Marketing is way more difficult when it’s for oneself, rather than for someone else because, well, it puts something near and dear to me, in a position to possibly be rejected and I don’t want to bother people.  That makes me uncomfortable and vulnerable.  Amanda Palmer in The Art of Asking (Ted Talk) says others want to help and that we should trust enough to let people help.

I believe wholeheartedly in this webseriepileofdevices-3s, it’s an important topic to share… so what’s my problem? I’m embarrassed to ask; I feel like I’m imposing. I know that being  a part of this would be great and it’s a story which needs to be told: representing capable, talented,  and real women in the workplace in an entertaining fashion and all this is good return for a donation.

At this point, we’ve reached 50% of our minimum goal, $4000, which is fabulous and I’m so grateful for all donations we’ve received so far! We have a stretch goal of $7500 which is our true goal, so I have to ask for help. The only way I’m going to get it is to ask, Right?

That’s a big hurdle for me and trust me, it’s uncomfortable, but my goal is my priority, so I shall jump! Phew.

Will you please help us create this series by donating to our kickstarter campaign (link below) and/or passing this kickstarter link on to your contacts??!! How is that?

Thank you in advance.

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