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2014-06-20 14.20.54I am SO dependent on my tech devices!  You?

By accident, I left my house without my cell phone and I couldn’t go back for it. I would be without it for 6 hours! OYE!

I felt naked. I started thinking about all that I’ve become accustomed to using it for. What if my kids need me? How will I access my calendar? How will I call home? How will I make any of my calls with my down time? I can’t play candy crush. I can’t check my emails.

I needed to tell myself to breathe; that I will be just fine, life will go on. Of course, it did!  I focused more on the moment…what and who I was with at the time.  I communicated more with those around me. Hmmm, how do you like that?

What a wake-up call this was to me. Using my phone has become such a habit. When I was a kid (spIMG_1187oiler alert: informing you of my approximate age), there were no personal devices and the sun still rose every day. My parents didn’t have to contact me constantly and know where I was every second of the day; we made a lot of our own decisions and problem solved ourselves, we had paper calendars that waited to be filled in until we arrived home, we played games in person with other people, fancy that, we even got lost in our own thoughts, and we communicated in person or with a land line.

I found this table in the picture to the left, at a cafe. Everyone is to place their gadget in the labeled spot and the first one to pick up, pays for the drinks! That might take some restraint! I do love the perks of technology and how society has grown and changed, but geez, it’s really good to ‘unplug’ once in a while to realize that we all have the ability to also grow and change when left to our OWN devices.

This is why I’m so excited to create, film and act in our webseries, NEXT (new title), about a very innovative start up tech company in Silicon Valley going on a company retreat that goes terribly wrong. Hint hint!

We are proud this project is primarily run, written, acted, and directed by women – although there will be some men sprinkled throughout the production. We need more women in Silicon Valley and entertainment. Our Kickstarter Campaign is launching on July 7th, 2014 and would love your support! Stay tuned for information.



  1. I LOVE THIS ARTICLE! I’m so excited for your webseries and what you are bringing light to. Can’t wait to follow, you’re doing an AMAZING job Mrs. Tay Tay!

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