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Bryan Cranston as LBJ in ALL THE WAY on Broadway is STAGGERING


I recently visited New York City and had the opportunity to see a couple of shows on Broadway.  I love N.Y. ; the energy is so infectious!  I practically skip to the theatres.

One of the shows I was lucky to see was All The Way and it certainly did not disappoint me. As a Broadway ‘newbie’, Bryan Cranston is obviously no babe to acting!  His portrayal of LBJ is an example of phenomenal acting; truly, honestly inhabiting the character. I was awe-struck with his Walter White; all the levels and nuances, and now his LBJ sucks you right in.

I sat in the second row and could see the life in his eyes even the spit from his mouth–I could see him thinking as  LBJ.  He was funny.  He was fierce. He was poignant.  The play begins with the assassination of JFK and the subsequent inauguration of a somewhat paranoid LBJ. His acting is so captivating.

If you’re going to be in New York, I highly recommend seeing this show.  It’s long, but it doesn’t matter!

P.S. UPDATE: The current working Title of my web series is THE RETREAT. It’s going to be a show that makes you go, Hmmmm!!??


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