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Check Out My Headshots

First up is one of my theatrical headshots. This is the one I’ll be using predominantly. These are my commercial headshots. One with glasses and the other without. And finally these are more character driven headshots. Can you… Read More

New One Sheet + A Tip For Actors To Create Your Own

One sheets are a great tool to help casting identify where you fit in. If you’re an actor who wants to do the same ask at least 5 people: “What are three adjectives you would use to describe… Read More

The Gender Gap.

I’ve recently posted Video 2: Girls Go Geek?  and Video 3: The Gender Gap Exists. This is Why. on YouTube as part of my 3 video series on The Gender Gap in Tech.  I’ve produced these videos to… Read More

Why Are There So Few Women in Tech?

I interviewed a group of elementary school age girls on this video as it relates to my upcoming web series NEXT, a scripted dramedy in which I play the CEO, about a female led tech start-up in Silicon… Read More


While currently in the throws of post production of NEXT, the Webseries, I receive an email from Anne Doherty, Artistic Director, Writer, and Composer of The New Musical Theatre in SF saying, “I thought Goat was one of… Read More