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While currently in the throws of post production of NEXT, the Webseries, I receive an email from Anne Doherty, Artistic Director, Writer, and Composer of The New Musical Theatre in SF saying, “I thought Goat was one of the best shows I saw in ’13. I was wondering if the cast was interested in doing it again? ” Wow!

I co-produced and acted in The Goat or, Who is Sylvia by Edward Albee a year ago.  I’m honored and blown away that someone like Anne Doherty is still thinking about the production, a year later, and wants to help get it back on the stage!!!

Creating work that communicates in some way with people, is what I love about acting so much.  It’s the best feeling in the world as an artist to ‘speak’ and connect with people on any level.  Of course, I believe Monday Afternoon Productions’ (MAP) staging of The Goat was fabulous, but I never thought anyone would be thinking about it over a year later while wanting to help get it produced again.  Great great feeling!!!

I’m confident that NEXT, the webseries will also connect with people in the same manner.  We at Monday Afternoon Productions believe our story line about women, and women of a certain age, creating and running a start up tech company in Silicon Valley with it’s intrinsic ‘trials and tribulations’ is an important, untold story.  AND, this series has been created, produced, and directed by women which is an uncommon occurrence in the entertainment business.

You never know when and how you end up ‘speaking’ to someone.  I think what we can control is ‘speaking’ from the heart which will surely resonate somewhere.

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