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TAYLOR BROCK in Edward Albee’s The Goat or, Who is Sylvia?


Monday Afternoon Productions presents Edward Albee’s
“The Goat or, Who Is Sylvia?”
at San Francisco’s Phoenix Theatre August 9-24.

The play, recommended for mature audiences, tells the story of Martin, his wife Stevie, their child Billy and family friend Ross. Their lives are perfect until it’s discovered that Martin is in love with a goat and everything falls apart. The Pulitzer Prize-nominated script is directed by Bay Area actor/director Michael Shipley*, and stars Taylor Brock*, Richard Aiello, Don Williams, and Matt Bratko.

Taylor Brock, who plays Stevie, is a Los Angeles/San Francisco-based actress who, among many other credits, has appeared in “Criminal Minds.”

Richard Aiello plays the part of Martin. Nominated for a San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Award for his performance last year as “Man” in Albee’s The Play About the Baby at Custom Made Theater Company in San Francisco

Don Williams, who is playing the part of Ross, splits his time between LA and Northern California, and has appeared in numerous films, TV shows, theatre productions, commercials, and voice-overs. For more about him, go to

Matt Bratko is playing the part of Billy and currently attends the University of California at Berkeley, majoring in Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies. This summer he is working as an intern at Z Space

Michael Shipley, a longtime theater and screen actor and teacher will be directing the show. Learn more about him at

Order your tickets by contacting the address or phone number below.
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1. Believe in yourself. “I’m enough”. No need to “push” ‘cuz I’m interesting.
2. Have a point of view (which leads to #3).
3. Make specific choices. General ones read neutral (boring).
4. Understand WHY you say what you say.
5. Listen, listen, listen.
6. Breathe.


My partners and I have been auditioning actors for the role of Billy. I now believe in the importance, for an actor, to experience the other side of the table. I’ve learned a ton by doing this.

You’ve probably heard the following many times over, but they’ve been highlighted for me during this process. The amount of preparation one does is so apparent at the audition, which then communicates respect for the role/job and certainly, our level of professionalism. Understanding the material is key to being considered for a role. Of course, unfortunately I’ve also learned that appearance does influence the final decision. Do the actors need to look similar, do they portray any needed characteristics, is it going to be alternative casting, etc.?

There’s also that whole “letting go” thing. We want the role, right?? So, to quote a famous brand, “JUST DO IT”! That’s our job! We have nothing to lose by letting go of our fear or vanity or nerves or whatever…only something to gain! Why is that so hard for us to do?

Interesting process…hiring.

I’m doing an Edward Albee play!!


THE GOAT OR WHO IS SYLVIA? by Edward Albee will be showing at The Phoenix Theatre in San Francisco August 8th – August 24th, 2013.

With: me, Taylor Brock as Stevie and Richard Aiello as Martin and Directed by Michael Shipley

San Francisco is a FABULOUS city.  COME!!

I’m Taking the Bull by the Horn!

bull 2 I am so proud that I’m forging a new path for myself.  I’m producing a play in which I will also act.  Not only have I never produced before, but I’m creating a project for myself and not waiting for someone else to hire me.

It’s important to continually have new experiences because we never know where they will take us AND it’s so important to take the bull by the horn!!!  Check and check!

What’s new on your plate??