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My partners and I have been auditioning actors for the role of Billy. I now believe in the importance, for an actor, to experience the other side of the table. I’ve learned a ton by doing this.

You’ve probably heard the following many times over, but they’ve been highlighted for me during this process. The amount of preparation one does is so apparent at the audition, which then communicates respect for the role/job and certainly, our level of professionalism. Understanding the material is key to being considered for a role. Of course, unfortunately I’ve also learned that appearance does influence the final decision. Do the actors need to look similar, do they portray any needed characteristics, is it going to be alternative casting, etc.?

There’s also that whole “letting go” thing. We want the role, right?? So, to quote a famous brand, “JUST DO IT”! That’s our job! We have nothing to lose by letting go of our fear or vanity or nerves or whatever…only something to gain! Why is that so hard for us to do?

Interesting process…hiring.

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