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I’m doing an Edward Albee play!!

YES! THE GOAT OR WHO IS SYLVIA? by Edward Albee will be showing at The Phoenix Theatre in San Francisco August 8th – August 24th, 2013. With: me, Taylor Brock as Stevie and Richard Aiello as Martin and… Read More

I’m Taking the Bull by the Horn!

I am so proud that I’m forging a new path for myself.  I’m producing a play in which I will also act.  Not only have I never produced before, but I’m creating a project for myself and not… Read More

Good Morning.

Good Morning.

Was in a really good Dean Fronk class.

Was in a really good Dean Fronk class. Thank you. @deanfronk #castingdirectors @actors

Pretty huh? Pretty huh? #prettypicture #stairway #directors